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Cardcaptor Sakura Pin (In-hand sale)

£55.00 - £95.00

☀️Cardcaptor Sakura Pin Details🌙
- Limited Edition 60 (Only 45 left)
- Huge pin (5 inches, 13cm)
- Pin on pin
- Glitters, transparent
sandblast and printing
- Package Box Including Post Card & Stickers

Grade A : 99% Perfect

Grade B : There is a small blemish on the face.

Grade C: There is a bigger flaw on the face than grade B. The upper white part of the skirt may fade a bit.

Grade D: There are only three Grade D. There are two pins whose lines are thicker than other pins. And the last wing was dyed with a little white paint.

We have already taken some photo on the ig story. If you have any questions, please DM to me 💌💌