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Cardcaptor Sakura Pin (Lavender variant)


☀️New variant Cardcaptor Sakura Pin Pre-oder Details🌙
- Two variant Cardcaptor Sakura Pin (💜lavender variant/🤍 snow white variant)
- Huge pin (5 inches, 13cm)
- Pin on pin
- Glitters, transparent sandblast and printing
- Package Box Including Post Card
-$ USD 85 (+$ USD 9 shipping)

❗ ps. Since the Pearl effect will make the blue background darker, so we will cancel the Pearl effect.

Since this is a sample pin, there may be differences with the finished product.
1️⃣ These two variants are the last variants, and we won't be making new variants in the future.

2️⃣ Up to 2 pins for per variant pin per person get (4 pins in total).

3️⃣ Pre-sale time is 24 hours. After the end of the time, you can no longer purchase.

4️⃣ Pre-order will be shipped in three months.

5️⃣ This Pre-sale is the last Sakura pin sale, we will not have an in-hand sale this time, we will only sell defective pins in the future.

6️⃣ Pre-sale day is 12/08 (UST 00:00)-13/08 (UST 00:00).

7️⃣ It is the last chance.

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